Saturday, February 13, 2010

Evy's Tree Giveaway & Valentine's Day

That's EV-EE'S (rhymes with Bevy's but not Stevey's) Tree :) Some people have trouble with how to say Evy. It's from Evelyn, one of the cutest babies in California...and I'm not biased a bit....ha...

Anyway, my looooong time and most awesomest friend has been making awesomely creative embellished hoodies and now has awesome little bags; and I happen to know she has more awesome things in mind for the future. Have I said 'awesome' too many times here? Well if you know Amy, you know there is no better word to describe her! Unless it's 'amazing'.

Her things are being sold on her etsy shop or though her blog. You can see them here:

She's giving away one of the cute bags this week in honor of Valentines' Day, so be sure and check it out!

Speaking of V-Day, I'm ready for it and so are the kids. A few weeks ago I bought a little Valentines' Day nightgown for Olivia from Carter's, but it's so cute I'm letting her wear it as a dress. The sleeves were too long though; she hates long sleeves, so it was another sewing project to do...yay! I cut off the sleeves and added a ribbon ruffles to them, and to the bottom. I hate the ruffles though; I think it looks like Yee-Haw Sally from a hill-billy show called Petticoat Junction or something! Totally a lapse in fashion sense due to my excitement about having another sewing project. But oh well, too late to take them off so she'll have to wear them. I used the sleeve remnants to make a rose brooch for the top of her dress, and I DO like the rose. Maybe it counteracts the ruffles?

And both kids prepared little goodie bags for the million other kids under 4 at church. We are equal-opportunity; they all get nice sugar cookies so that all kids will be equally hyper and therefore all the other mommies will be as busy as I usually am with my two kiddos...{evil laugh}. Well except for Truman; he's allergic to dairy so he gets veggie chips. Samuel and Olivia had fun decorating the cards with markers...what kids DON'T want to play with markers? Olivia carefully selected different colors and very seriously 'drew' pictures. Samuel proudly drew faces on most of them, and occasionally the letter "H"; his favorite letter to draw right now.

Hope everyone enjoys the Twenty-Ten V-Day and although I wish everyone good luck with the Evy's Tree drawing, I really hope I win it ;)

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  1. OMW Im dying at the truman comment! Poor kid! veggie chips? c'mon there has to be a better non dairy snack than that!! ha!

    Thank you dear for the shout out. I think you are AWESOME and AMAZING too!! xoxo love you!!